• Made inGermanyGermany
  • 185°C in4.5minutes
  • Bagconductionstyle
  • Digitaldigitaldisplay
  • Warranty:3years
  • 100%conductionconvection
  • Suitable forgroup large groups
  • Weighs1.8kg



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    • LED Dual Temp Display
    • Precise Digital Temp Control
    • Auto-Shutoff
    • Combustion not possible
    • Easy to clean
    • Can use concentrates
    • Great for groups
    • No fluctuations in temperature
    • “Portability” with detachable bag
    • Slow to heat up
    • Noisy fan
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    Germany boasts some of the finest engineering in the world, and the Volcano vaporizer is no exception. Made by Storz and Bickel in Tuttlingen, Germany, the convection based vaporizer has long been touted as the King of Vaporizers – holding that title since the introduction of their Classic version way back in 2000.

    In 2007, Storz and Bickel released a digital version of the Volcano, taking one of the best vaporizers available and improving it even more by adding a large digital display, slightly more accurate temperature control* and an automatic shut-off timer. Like it’s younger sibling, the digital version also works by convection, which means that the herb is heated by hot air that is blown through it with a built-in fan, as opposed to the herb being in direct contact with the heating element (conduction). This results in a much more even and thorough heating of your botanical, providing higher quality vapor and being more efficient than standard conduction vaporizers.

    Over the bi-metallic regulator found on the Classic version (± 1.5°C instead of ± 5°C)

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    What's in the box?

    Volcano Vaporizer

    • Volcano Vaporizer
    • 2x Air Filters
    • Storz & Bickel Grinder
    • User Manual

    Easy Valve Starter Set

    • 5x Easy Valve Balloons
    • 6x Normal Screens
    • Mouthpiece
    • Filling Chamber
    • Liquid Pad
    • Cleaning Brush

    Volcano kit

    How it's used

    1. Turn on the Volcano by pressing the “HEAT” button.Volcano buttons

    The digital temperature display (as well as the yellow control lamp) will light up. The upper, red display is the actual (current) temperature, while the lower, green display is the set (desired) temperature. The party begins when the actual temp matches the set temp. It takes 4 and a half minutes to heat up from 25°C (77°F) to 185°C (365°F).

    2. Select your desired temperature.Volcano Display

    The Volcano will remember your last heat settings each time you turn it on, and to adjust the heat is simple: push the big plus (+) button to increase the heat, press the big minus (-) button to decrease the heat – both by increments of 1 degree. Holding the buttons down will increase/decrease the values rapidly. Holding both the plus and minus buttons together will switch back and forth between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

    Everyone has their own opinion as to which temperatures work the best, so it’s really up to personal preference. Play around with it and discover what works best for you – the default temperature when the Volcano is switched on for the very first time is 185°C (365°F), which is a good starting point. You can then increase it slightly after each bag, but don’t go over 204°C (400°F) otherwise you may as well just roll one. You can tell when your herb is finished when it starts to smell like burnt popcorn.

    3. Place your ground herb inside the filling chamber.Volcano chamber

    The chamber is filled by twisting the cap counterclockwise and removing it, filling it with the desired amount of herb (minimum 1mm and maximum 10mm) and screwing the cap back on.  The finer the grind, the better.

    4. Connect the filling chamber and bag to the Volcano.IMG_8153

    Pop the chamber onto the hot air outlet and “lock” it into place by giving it a firm push.  Next, attach the valve to the bag (also called the ‘balloon’) and attached that to the filling chamber.

    5. Switch on the air pump.

    Press the green button labeled “AIR” to activate the air pump. The bag will start to fill up, taking roughly 40 seconds to fill up completely.

    6. Fill bag with desired amount, then turn off air pump and remove bag + filling chamber.IMG_8160

    When the bag is full, you simply disconnect the filling chamber from the hot air outlet (unless filling multiple bags), disconnect the bag from the chamber and pop the stopper back into the bag’s valve. This process is very smooth and quick, with virtually no vapor leakage due to the bags being self-sealing.

    7. Your intergalactic space travels may now commence.

     Push the valve against your lips and inhale at your own leisure. The vapor that forms in the bag should be used within 5 to 10 minutes for best results, although it can be stored in the bag for a lot longer – up to a few hours*. One of the great features of the bag system is the fact that you can fill the bag and then walk around with it, as opposed to being tied down to the vaporizer during usage.

    Make sure that you remove the filling chamber before filling your lungs so that you don’t find wasted herb on your return trip to earth. As for the actual device, it will turn off by itself after 30 minutes, so don’t worry if you find yourself unable to press that large, green button due to an unusual heaviness in your arm.

    While storing vapor for hours seems great, keep in mind that it means your bags will wear out quicker.

    How it stacks up

    Build Quality Score: 97


    From the durable, brushed stainless steel shell to the smooth, billows of vapor it puts out, the Volcano definitely delivers all the quality one might expect from a vaporizer with such a hefty price tag. Each unit is hand-built in Germany using only medical grade and food safe materials, with the device feeling very robust and sturdy.

    The digital display is clear and easy to read, with the heating element sporting an amazing temperature accuracy of ± 1,5°C (± 2,7°F). All the loose parts fit securely together, and the bags are free of any harmful softeners (hence the crackling sound when handled or filled). The body of the Volcano stands firmly on any surface with it’s wide base and rubber feet, so unless clumsiness is your main characteristic, it shouldn’t be making contact with any hard floor surfaces. It also stays cool to the touch, with the top of the Volcano becoming only slightly warm if left on for a while.

    Below is a list of materials used in the construction of a Volcano:

    Heating Element: Steel clad ceramic
    Heat Exchanger: Aluminium alloy
    EASY/SOLID Valve: Steel; Heat tempered ABS polymer
    Balloon: 100% polythene (food grade)
    Insulation: Cellulose
    Air System: 100% silicone (food grade)

    Like a true German company, Storz and Bickel takes quality control very seriously. They are the only vaporizer manufacturer to employ a certified quality management system that ensures the high quality of their production process, with each of their operation procedures being systematically inspected and evaluated every 3 to 6 months by an independent testing institute.

    Vapor Quality Score: 98


    There is a reason why the Volcano is the main vaporizer used in coffee shops and hospitals alike. User safety has always been the top priority for Storz and Bickel, so it should come as no surprise that it is the only device approved by Health Canada for the consumption of medical marijuana.

    Because of the greater surface area of the balloon, the vapors cool down to ambient temperatures immediately

    The Volcano uses the patented valve balloon system (into which the generated vapor is pumped), so the process of vaporization is effectively separated from the process of inhalation. The balloon can then be completely detached from the device after filling and the vapor inhaled at the user’s ease. This ensures that the application is completely safe, since vaporization occurs previously and the user does not come into contact with glass, heat or electricity during inhalation. The valve system also prevents contamination inside the balloon, since exhaling into the valve is prevented.

    The balloon is an oven bag as commonly used to bake food for hours in an oven with temperatures up to 200°C. The vapors have a maximum temperature of 130°C when they come out of the Volcano’s valve and touch the balloon for the first time. Because of the greater surface area of the balloon, the vapors cool down to ambient temperatures immediately. Oven bags are heatproof, safe for use with food, and absolutely tasteless. They are perfect for use with vapors and can be bought in nearly every supermarket in the world. They don’t add anything to the vapor.

    The taste and smoothness of the vapor that the Volcano produces is incredible to say the least

    The Volcano does tend to use slightly more herb than the average vaporizer, but the amount used is still minuscule. 1 gram of dry herb can fill approximately 10 bags of (very dense) vapor. The even method and temperature used in heating the filling chamber also means that the herb cannot burn, provided that you stay under the 204°C (400°F) recommended limit.
    The taste and smoothness of the vapor that the Volcano produces is incredible to say the least. Because the vapor cools down to room temperature almost immediately, vaping with the Volcano basically feels like you’re just breathing in flavored air. The vapor density is also 100% consistent, especially since the temperature does not fluctuate due to the air flow from breathing – unlike a lot of other vaporizers that increase and decrease is density during usage. This makes sharing even better, as you won’t be playing vaping roulette.

    Ease of Use Score: 96

    Volcano on table

    If someone finds operating the Volcano even remotely tricky, they’ve probably had one too many bags already. With it’s very large, simple red and green buttons and it’s straight-forward operation, the Volcano offers an obstacle-free one-way ticket to Mars and beyond. The digital readout is bright and clear, which allows you to easily monitor the set and desired temperature – no more burnt herb when vaping in the dark.

    Seasoned tokers and those used to the whip-style vaporizers might find the transition to using bags slightly awkward at first, though it doesn’t take long to grow accustomed to it. Some people don’t really like using bags to consume their botanical, others love it – it all boils down to personal preference. The good news is that the Volcano can technically be converted into a whip-style vaporizer should you so wish, check the “mods” section below. The main advantages of using the bag system are: cooled vapor, the ability to leave the vaporizer and take the bag with you, being able to accurately monitor the amount and density of the vapor and being able to store it in the bag for short periods of time.

    Cleaning Score: 96

    Volcano brush

    Cleaning the Volcano is quick and easy, since the actual device itself is maintenance free and the bags are just replaced after ±100 uses. The three parts that need occasional cleaning are the mouthpiece, valve and filling chamber. This should be done when any distinct residue is detected and is really easy to do, guaranteeing proper functioning and a clean taste. It’s also a good idea to clean the valve parts when changing balloons.

    The brushed, stainless steel shell does tend to pick up fingerprints quite easily with handling, but simply wiping it with warm water and a sponge/cloth gets rid of them – ‘warm’ being the keyword.

    The air filter, found at the bottom of the hot air generator, must be inspected for contamination every four weeks by turning the air filter cap counterclockwise and removing it (a little round piece of foam).

    Warranty Score: 85

    Volcano up close

    The Volcano comes with a full 3 year warranty, which seems a bit short considering it’s price. In the event that your Volcano needs a visit to the sick bay, you can send it back to Storz and Bickel and they will repair it for you free of charge – provided that it’s a material or construction error. However, if the Volcano is damaged due to mishandling, expect to receive a quote for repair.

    What others are saying

    Extra information

    Tips and Tricks
    • If you find yourself coughing, you might be setting the temperature too high. Try starting at around 185°C (365°F) and working your way up
    • The balloon does not have to be filled completely (even less than half filled can be sufficient)
    • Only fill the amount that you want to consume within ten minutes to avoid condensation inside the balloon
    • Inhale only half the volume of air that one could inhale
    • Hold the plus and minus buttons together to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
    • If the actual temperature is higher than the desired temperature, cool down the Volcano faster by switching on the air pump
    • If you leave the chamber loaded with material on the volcano as its heating or reached it desired temp. it will gently heat your material but not vape it since the air isn’t turned on/flowing through the chamber. Let it sit for 15 seconds to a minute to create very thick vapor
    • Never leave the filling chamber on the hot air generator when not filling a bag
    • Never touch the hot air generator while in use or cooling down
    • Keep the Volcano away from sunlight
    • The oven bags used for turkeys are excellent replacement bags. Saves you quite a bit of money!
    • DIY Easy Valve replacement
    • Turn the Volcano into a whip-style vaporizer:

    Final Thoughts

    The Volcano has been around now for quite sometime – with the Classic version bringing smiles to the population from as far back as 2002. And the fact that the overall design and functioning has not seen any drastic changes in all those years definitely speaks for itself when considering the Volcano’s quality. It doesn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles found in the newer high-end vaporizers, but it has no need for them. It has one primary objective: vaporize your herb in the most effective and healthy way possible, and it achieves this with flying colors. So if you are looking for a durable desktop unit that is easy to use, extremely powerful and which regards your health as a top priority, the Volcano is definitely an investment that is worth considering.

    Volcano chamberVolcanoVolcano buttonsVolcano bag

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