• Made in usaUSA
  • Heats up in5seconds
  • Charge time4hours
  • Battery lasts2trenches
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not good group for groups
  • Conductionconductioninfra-red
  • Weighs118grams



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    Made by:
    Magic Flight
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    • Lifetime warranty
    • Extremely durable
    • Very Stealthy
    • Completely silent
    • Quick to heat up (±5 seconds)
    • Easy to maintain
    • Slight learning curve
    • Short battery life
    • No temperature control
    • Combustion is possible
    • Difficult to gauge vapor amount
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    Born in San Diego, California, the Launch Box is a small hand-crafted vaporizer made mostly from natural and renewable resources. It’s light weight, durable body and stealthiness make it an excellent choice for those who are wanting a simple, yet powerful vaporizer to enjoy their herb while on the go. Using a single AA battery as it’s power source, it is currently the smallest vaporizer on the market. It is also currently the fastest vaporizer available, with a mere 5 second waiting time between engaging the battery and drawing. With it’s robust design, great tasting vapor and equally great price tag, the MFLB is definitely a portable vaporizer that is worth checking out.

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    What's in the box?

    • One Launch Box (Maple, Cherry or Walnut)
    • 2 x rechargeable NiMH batteries with protective caps
    • Battery charger
    • Felt-lined decorative tin
    • Pyrex Glass draw stem
    • Cleaning brush
    • Flight guide


    How it's used

    Although the Launch Box does have a slight learning curve compared to other vaporizers, it is still relatively easy to use. Each kit comes with a comprehensive Flight Guide that covers everything from preparing for your first flight to becoming a Launch Box Connoisseur.

    1. Slide open cover and load trench with dry herb*.IMG_7721

    Magic Flight recommends filling the trench until the herb reaches the inner rails, even if it is way more than you will actually need. Doing so offers the best performance and any left over herb can be vaped again at a later stage (most of the other vaporizers cook all your herb in one go). The herb must be completely dry – wet or moist herb can cause buildup and may not vaporize efficiently. Also make sure that your herb is VERY finely ground. Magic Flight offers two optional grinders that are designed to give you the best grind for your box: the Nano grinder and the Finisher grinder. When loading your herb, don’t press or pack the trench as it is very fragile. The box actually works better the more loose your herb is.

    2. Close the cover and insert AA battery.IMG_7728IMG_7733

    Slide the cover closed – it will click securely into place. Remove the black cap from one of the AA batteries and insert the postive end into the battery slot (the batteries are pre-charged when you first receive your Box). The Launch Box only activates when you push and hold the battery in due to the removable rubber “push back” ring inside of the slot, preventing you from accidentally cooking all your herb in between draws. Tip: push the battery cap onto the back of the battery when using the Box. This makes the battery more comfortable to push in, and also helps you to not lose the caps. The Launch Box also has an internal LED light that comes on when the battery is engaged. You can see it by looking directly through the stem hole. It lacks any form of proper temperature control – besides how long you keep the battery engaged. While this is not a problem once the technique has been mastered, it does mean that there is always the possibility of combustion (especially when used in a group).

    3. Ready for liftoff.IMG_7738

    After you insert the glass stem (optional), you can begin taking draws. Wait about 5 seconds after engaging the battery, then take a magical puff using either the “Long Slow Draw” method or the “Sipping” method. Both methods are thoroughly explained in the Flight Guide, and both will get you equally toasted. Remember to disengage the battery in between draws, otherwise you’ll be sulking at the end of the runway with a trench full of ash. After each draw, it’s important to mix your herb so that it burns evenly. Magic Flight suggests the “Turn, Tumble & Tap” method – turn your Box upside down after releasing the battery and tap it to dislodge the herb, tumble the load by shaking the Box side to side a few times, then flip the Box right side up again and tap the sides of the Box to settle your herbs back into the trench.

    The Launch Box can also be used with concentrates and extracts through the additional purchase of a Concentrate Tray.

    How it stacks up

    Build Quality Score: 90

    MFLB on log

    The build quality of the MFLB is exceptional, with each Launch Box carefully handcrafted using a selection of Maple, Cherry or Walnut wood. The acrylic cover opens and closes smoothly, locking effortlessly into place with a ball and socket latch. Magic Flight offers a wide range of cover designs, ranging from the simple Labyrinth to the more specialized designs found in the Artisan Collection, such as the Vision Quest. A glass stem is supplied with every kit and attaches very securely to the Launch Box. The trench is made from high-grade stainless steel mesh, which is very delicate and should be handled gently. However, it’s well protected inside the box, so it won’t break easily unless you exert too much force on it when loading or cleaning. The battery hole has a push-back ring to disengage the battery when not in use and a LED light inside the unit indicates when the battery is engaged, as well as how much battery power is remaining by the strength of the light. Besides the delicate mesh screen, the MFLB is almost indestructible. And in the rare and unfortunate case that you do manage to accidentally break yours, the good folk at Magic Flight will gladly send you a replacement.

    Vapor Quality Score: 85


    For a vaporizer that is as small and simple as the MFLB, the quality of the vapor is surprisingly good. With the right technique, the Launch Box is able to achieve a decent amount of clean, good-tasting vapor in a matter of seconds. The Box works mostly off conduction heating, though it also makes use of Infrared heating (IR), which “radiates outwards from each side of the trench forming a zone of criticality in the middle of your herbs”.(Magic Flight Guide) According to Magic Flight, the Box would be unusable without the IR heating. The vapor is usually a bit on the warm side, but definitely not a show stopper. Drawing slightly faster helps cool it down quite a lot.

    Portability Score: 95

    The MFLB is definitely one of the most portable vaporizers currently available on the market. Fitting comfortably into the palm of your hand or pocket, the Launch Box makes an excellent companion on your daily missions. The felt-lined tin which doubles as a handy traveling container, coupled with the ability to extend the battery life by purchasing additional batteries, makes the MFLB perfect for out of town trips. It is also does well against the elements, with wind having absolutely no effect on it. One downside of the MFLB in terms of portability is that it does have loose parts that can get lost (ie, the stem, batteries and battery caps).

    Ease of Use Score: 85


    The Launch Box is easy to use…but difficult to master. There are so many variables at play when using the little vaporizer that achieving the perfect hit feels like an art. Since the Box stores enough botanical for a few sessions and can have the battery inserted all the time owing to the push back ring, it’s a really great little portable for keeping on your desk while you work etc, since you can simply pick it up, take a long draw in under 5 seconds and put it down again for later. Convenience at it’s best.

    Battery Life Score: 50

    MFLB batteries

    The two AA batteries that are supplied with the Launch Box kit last roughly one trench each – though some users have reported getting up to two or three. The performance of the MFLB does decrease though as the batteries deplete, so it makes sense to use fully charged batteries with each session. Although the two stock batteries do not last very long, it is possibly to extend the battery life by simply buying more AA batteries. This is especially useful on long trips where charging won’t be possible, since the battery life of your MFLB will only be limited to the amount of batteries you are willing to carry with you. For those who want to use the Launch Box primarily at home and without worrying about batteries, Magic Flight does offer a power adapter, but be prepared to fork out as much as $79 for one.

    Stealth Score: 95


    Apart from being slightly awkward to conceal due to the battery sticking out perpendicularly, the Launch Box is definitely in the top ranks when it comes to stealth. One just needs to do a quick Google search to find endless success stories of users toking it up in the park, at the cinema, at the dinner table, in class etc… What gives the MFLB the upper hand in stealth is it’s tiny size, allowing it to be completely concealed in one hand – especially if you hit it “native” style*. The box also has a very unassuming design – looking more like something that you made in woodwork class than an intergalactic travel assistant. One point worth mentioning though – as awesome as it is watching your herb vaporizing through the clear acrylic cover, this can be a bit of a cover blower (excuse the pun) if someone happens to see the box when loaded. Unless you burn your herb, the Launch Box has very little smell.

    Native style refers to using the MFLB without the stem. While this tends to give you more control and bigger hits, the vapor does tend to be a lot warmer. Many users prefer native style, so try both and see which method works best for you. (You should probably stick with the stem in groups though…)

    Cleaning Score: 96

    MFLB brush

    Keeping the MFLB clean is relatively easy and straight-forward. To keep maintenance down to a minimum, Magic Flight recommends cleaning the trench after each use, brushing it lightly and then blowing against the screen to remove any left over dust. They also recommend cleaning the glass stem with ISO alcohol and the acrylic cover with toothpaste and an old toothbrush or cloth. Tip: to clean the mouthpiece stem, just dip a cotton swab in alcohol and push through the stem until it’s clean, then rinse the stem and let dry For more in-depth cleaning, dip the cleaning brush or a Q-tip in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (ISO) and gently rub it on the screen. Don’t use too much otherwise it’ll will drip through the screen and make your next few sessions taste less than ideal. A good idea is to turn the Box upside down when using ISO to clean it. The screen will eventually start discoloring with use – this is normal and does not affect the performance in any way.

    Warranty Score: 99


    The warranty of the Launch Box is amazing to say the least. Each Box is covered by a lifetime warranty, where Magic Flight will replace any defective or damaged units even if they are damaged accidentally or “through your own stupidity”. The internal LED light is not covered, though this isn’t really a problem since you actually forget the box even has one after a while. The warranty does not cover lost, stolen, defaced, or willfully damaged units. It also does not cover units with the serial number sanded off or not visible. Shipping charges may apply. Accessories are covered by a 3 month warranty from date of purchase. Magic Flight is known for honoring their warranty and making the process of replacing faulty units as hassle-free and easy as possible.

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    Tips and Tricks
    • Keep your batteries fully charged for best performance
    • For more battery life, upgrade to Powerex 2700mAh Rechargeable batteries
    • Put the battery cap on the negative end of the battery when using it with the battery to provide cushioning.
    • Chapstick lids can be substituted for lost battery caps
    • Flip the Launch Box over and shake it to mix your botanical after every 1 or 2 draws
    • Use the draw stem when with friends, don’t use it alone (easier to control the vapor temperature without it)
    • To clean the mouthpiece stem, just dip a cotton swab in alcohol and push through the stem until it’s clean, then rinse the stem and let dry
    • Put orthodontic bands on your stem to help prevent them from breaking when accidentally dropped
    • The old Power Adapter has a notch in it that is a perfect fit for the brush
    • Tutorial: Guide to perfect vaporization.
    • NEVER let the batteries touch – make sure you keep the protective caps on always when not in use
    • Make sure your bud NEVER turns black or very dark brown If you do accidentally cause combustion, be extremely careful when cleaning it. First use the brush to clean out all of the bud from the trench, then put a drop or two of rubbing alcohol on the brush and scrub the screen, very gently. Keep adding a drop or two TO THE BRUSH and repeating the scrubbing. When it looks and smells clean, blow into the trench and into the mouthpiece. Leave the top open and let it air dry COMPLETELY (this is very important).

    Final Thoughts

    Magic Flight really has done wonders for the world of vaporizers. It’s a great company with an awesome philosophy. Their support is excellent and accomodating, their warranty service is virtually unmatchable and their Launch Box range is filled with masterpieces. Suited for both the beginner and seasoned toker, there little wonder that this simple little wooden box has earned such a high reputation among the online community.

    MFLB kitMFLB batteriesIMG_6261MFLB

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