• Made in usaChina
  • 185°C in55seconds
  • Charge time5hours
  • Battery lasts2-3hours
  • Warranty:2years
  • Suitable forgroupsmall groups
  • PassiveconductionConvection
  • Weighs193grams



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    • 100% glass vapor-path
    • Retractable stem
    • Dry herb and concentrates
    • Sleek design
    • Long battery life
    • Advanced OLED screen
    • Personal vape cycles
    • Auto shutoff
    • Dual mouthpiece
    • Can be used while charging
    • Takes long to recharge
    • Unreliable battery indicator
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    Organicix is well known for bringing innovation to the party – their higher end vaporizer, the Ascent, being no exception. Featuring an all glass vapour-path, programmable vape cycles, auto shut-off motion sensor and a dual mouthpiece, DaVinci’s latest vaporizer is definitely a game changer in the vaporizer world. Don’t be fooled by the elegant design – with it’s secure chamber lock, retractable stem and compact design, the Ascent is a lot tougher than it looks.

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    What's in the box?

    • Ascent Vaporizer
    • 1 Extra glass straw set
    • 1 Screen set (3 screens and a metalpick)
    • 1 Pair of glass oil jars
    • Charger
    • User Manual
    • Black velvet carrying case
    • Ascent sticker
    • DaVinci Social Card


    How it's used

    1. Open the chamber.IMG_8829

    To open the chamber, swivel the bottom chamber outwards 90 or 180 degrees. Take a look at the latch, it can only open one way. It is advisable to open and load the chamber before switching on the Ascent, as it gets really hot really quickly.

    2. Load the chamber.IMG_8830

    If you are vaping dry herbs, pop them straight into the herb chamber*. If you are vaping concentrate, fill one of the glass jars, pop the rubber cap back onto the jar and then place the jar into the chamber. Swivel the chamber back into locked position.

    3. Turn the Ascent on.IMG_8833

    The power button is located on the top of the unit, to the right of the stem. You need to press it fairly hard, as well as hold it for about a second. You’ll be greeted with the Ascent by Da Vinci welcome message, after which the unit will start heating up. If you want to turn off the heating element without turning off the Ascent, press the settings button followed by the minus (-) button. To turn it back on, press the settings button followed by the plus (+) button.

    4. Select temperature.IMG_8836

    Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons on either side of the display to select your desired temperature.** A digital thermometer will be displayed, rising as the Ascent heats up. A steaming bowl will be displayed when the selected temperature has been reached.

    5. Enjoy.IMG_8844

    Use your fingernails to pull out the glass stem piece and begin taking slow draws. Alternatively, leave the glass stem inside the unit and use the oval top section as the mouthpiece.

    Advanced settings:

    Motion Sensor: To set the timer for the auto-shutoff motion sensor, press the settings button twice, then use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to adjust the duration accordingly.

    Personal Vape Cycle: To set up the “vape-stepping” cycles (adjusting the heat to a specific temperature for a specific selected time),  press the settings button 3 times. The display will then show 3 individual temperatures. Use the settings button to switch between the 3 vape cycles, and the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to adjust them. To exit, press the settings button until no text is flashing, then wait about 3 seconds without touching any buttons. Note: after setting the cycles, the heat bowl will automatically begin heating up.

    To get the best performance out of your Ascent when using dry herbs, either pack the chamber full, or put in a smaller load and use one of the glass concentrate jars as a spacer – take the rubber cover off and push it down into the chamber (facing up and on top of the herb). Take very slow draws.

    *To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, press and hold the settings button for five seconds.

    How it stacks up

    Build Quality Score: 96


    The first thing that you’ll notice when you open the box of a Da Vinci product is that they take presentation and quality very seriously – the packaging alone is evidence that Organicix really takes great pride in their products. And then there’s the actual device. With a sleek brushed aluminium cast body, crisp OLED display and retractable glass stem, the Ascent is a seriously good looking vaporizer. It comes in a variety of styles, from burl wood to croc skin to skulls. Check out their site to view all the different flavours. Da Vinci also offers the option of completely designing your own Ascent.

    Besides it’s amazing aesthetics, the Ascent feels very sturdy. The bottom chamber opens and closes tightly, the stem fits snugly inside the unit with zero movement and the OLED screen is bright and clear. One of the Ascent’s most attractive characteristics is that the vapour path is 100% glass, right from the heating chamber through to the stem, maximizing both health benefits and taste.

    Materials used in the construction of the Ascent include:

    • * Aluminium plating exterior
    • * Medical grade silicone
    • * Glass lined ceramic filling chamber
    • * 100% glass vapour-path
    • * Real Bovine leather (Croc skin version)

    Vapor Quality Score: 91


    The Ascent delivers a decent amount of vapor, especially if you pack it tightly and use the glass concentrate jars as spacers. It also delivers some of the cleanest tasting vapor out there due to it’s 100% glass airpath*. It doesn’t produce as much visible vapor as a portable such as the Solo, but the advantage of that is that it’s a lot more stealthy.

    With it’s unique “vape-stepping” function, you’ll be able to get the most out of your herb without lifting a finger. There is a fair amount of resistance on the draw (slightly more than the resistance found with the original DaVinci), but nothing that will make your lungs complain about.

    The Ascent (like most vaporizers) has a slight plastic smell the first few times you use it, but this goes away over time. Do a “burn-in” by running it a few times on full power to get rid of the smell faster.

    Portability Score: 90

    Like it’s younger sibling, the Original DaVinci, the Ascent is roughly the same size as a standard smartphone and fits quite comfortably in your pocket. Even though the vapour-path is all 100% glass, it’s housed safely within the durable body of the Ascent, safe from any damage during transport. Weighing in at 193 grams, you’ll definitely feel it in your pocket, but it’s not heavy enough to be uncomfortable. The bottom section is super secure (you need a fair amount of force to open it), so there is zero chance of your herb leaving the chamber during transit.

    Ease of Use Score: 93


    Operating the Ascent is extremely easy. The heat and settings buttons are strategically placed to allow easy one-handed operation, making it feel like you’re operating a smartphone. The OLED screen is large, crisp and easy to read at a glance – using animations to display exactly what the vaporizer is doing (such as a thermometer gauge as it’s heating up and a steaming bowl when it’s ready for use).

    One downside of the Ascent is that the power button (located on the top right of the unit) can be slightly difficult to press for those with weak hands, as well as the main swivel chamber needing quite a bit of force to open. But other than that, the heat and settings buttons are easy to press and the stem is easy to pull out – unless you have really short fingernails, in which case you’d need to use the metal pick to extract it.

    Loading the Ascent is a pleasure – you load your herb or concentrate into the little glass jars first and then place those jars into the main chamber. This makes loading and gauging the amount quick and easy.

    One of the Ascent’s most exciting features is the Programmable Vape Cycles. With this, you can set 3 pre-defined temperature “auto-pilot” settings, ie: 190C for 5 minutes, 195C for 3 minutes and 210C for 1 minute. Click here to learn how to use this awesome feature.

    Battery Life Score: 93


    The Ascent’s 5 hour charging time seems worth it when you’re still vaping at almost three hours on the same charge*. The unit is powered by two non-removable lithium ion batteries, so you’ll be needing to send your Ascent back when needing a battery replacement.

    The charging port is found on the bottom left of the unit, and charge time is shown with an on-screen battery indicator. Unfortunately, the battery indicator can be a bit unreliable from session to session, incorrectly displaying the amount of battery life left.

    On top of it’s amazing battery life, the Ascent also allows you to use it while charging.

    Stealth Score: 95


    With the glass stem retracted, the Ascent easily passes off as either a portable razor or…some kind of advanced torch. Anyone who happens to recognise it as a vaporizer is almost guaranteed to be the same person who will begging to share a puff. The dual mouthpiece also ups the level of stealth quite substantially, since the stems of vaporisers can always be quite a big give-away. (Side note: the OLED screen can be quite bright, so take that into consideration when you try sneak in a puff in a dark cinema.)

    The Ascent does not let off much of a smell, however, if does have the tendency to leak a small amount of vapor out of the bottom grill if you hold it upside down or horizontally when in use.

    With your herb completely hidden inside the tightly closed chamber and the retractable stem hiding any sign of herb particles or resin, the Ascent fairs well in the stealth department.

    Cleaning Score: 84


    The Ascent is fairly easy to clean, provided you have what every glass enthusiast should have – ISO alcohol. Simply empty out the herb chamber by holding the Ascent upside down (with chamber open) and tapping on the unit. Then dip a Q-tip into the ISO alcohol and clean out the inside of the chamber as well as the surface around it.

    To clean the glass stem, remove it by pulling it completely out, then use a bottle brush to give the inside a basic cleaning before letting it soak in the ISO alcohol.

    The piece that will require the most thorough cleaning from time to time is the inner glass vapor-path, this can be removed by pulling it out the bottom of the ascent when the herb chamber is open*. This can also then be cleaned out roughly with the bottle brush before soaking in the ISO alcohol.

    You might need to gently push the vapor-path piece from the top until you can get a grip on it from the bottom.

    Warranty Score: 80


    The Ascent comes with a 2 year limited manufacturer’s warranty on the vaporizer (includes all attached parts, craftsmanship, electronics, heating chamber, and structural integrity) and a 3 month warranty on the battery*. You will need to send it you Ascent when applying for warranty, as well as provide original proof of purchase, which clearly indicates the name and address of the seller, the date and place of purchase and the product type.

    Whatever you do, make absolutely certain that you purchase your Da Vinci from an authorized dealer, otherwise your warranty will be null and void. The warranty also does not cover or include in-store demonstration units.

    To perform as designed for forty (40) continuous minutes at 200 degrees F.


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    Extra information

    Tips and Tricks
    • Don’t grind your herb too finely, otherwise you run the risk of it getting sucked up through the stem.
    • Pack the herb chamber quite tightly when vaping dry herbs.
    • Use the glass concentrate jars as spacers for maximum performance (click here for more)
    • Be careful when opening the chamber straight after use – it gets piping hot.

    Final Thoughts

    There’s no denying that aesthetics was a major driving force behind the Ascent’s designing process. Sleek, compact, and able to vaporizer both dry herb and concentrates effectively, the Ascent delivers exceptional performance without compromising on looks. It is also a leader in innovation, bringing unique features to the table that make it really stand out from the crowd. With a quality build and a stealthy demeanor, the Ascent is a welcome addition to the vaporizer world – especially for those who prefer to kickback with style.

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